MXL microphones

MXL Microphones have the best variety of high quality condenser microphones for Studio recording. They are well crafted so that each artist is able to connect with their music or record instrumentals. Mxl microphone review show that mxl microphones are designed with focus on depth & tonal clarity. The microphones are crafted professionally with versatility to cater for every artist . All these microphones use the latest digital technology ensuring that you have the best and the latest tool right at your disposal.

If you want to get the truest representations of your studio recordings, below are some of the Best MXL microphones you can use.

1. MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone

The gap in quality that existed between high and low priced microphones keeps on reducing , all thanks to low cost and high quality microphones emerging in the market. MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone is an example of a high quality mic with a remarkable value to the user.


· It’s a high quality diaphragm condenser microphone that costs $99.

· Has 30-20Khz response to frequency.

· Aesthetically beautiful-its diaphragm is gold sputtered in a cardioid pattern.

· Accessories include carry case, plastic mount and shock mount.

For a home recording studio that needs a good quality microphone, the mxl condenser mic is the best vocal tool to use. This bargain produced microphone which costs $99 in most outlets is robust, detailed with natural sound production quality a feature that is reminiscent of microphones that costs many times its price.

Its stunning visually and has an uncanny resemblance to the legendary AKG C-12 mic. its smooth wide frequency response covers between 30-29Khz with great vocals that stand out. although it has a little boxiness in the low-mids, the equalizer and high quality compression negates this feature.

On an acoustic guitar, V67G sounds great and fares well even when its used as a room microphone which means that you can easily use this microphone for live recording and as a drum overhead mic. its output is transformer balanced a feature which makes the Marshal MXLV67G to produce smooth & flawless audio with no interruptions.

This professional mxl mic is designed with both functionality and style in mind.It comes in a stereo version that is a perfect for most applications and has proved to be excellent in recording pop, R&B, country and rock music.

2. MXL 2006 Large Gold Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

This mxl condenser mic follows in the footsteps of the renowned MXL 2001. MXL 2006 is a classic FET condenser microphone that is perfect for instrument and vocal recording alike.


· Class A circuitry for pure and natural recordings.

· Clear recordings which highlight any vocal nuances.

· A 32mm capsule vocal mic for top notch sound quality

· FET preamp

· Its accessories include deluxe carrying case and shock mount

MXL 2006 Large Gold Diaphragm Condenser Microphone is a super sound sensitive large diaphragm microphone that is ideal for a home studio with budget in mind. Whether you want some crisp , clean acoustic guitar output or some fresh vocal for your hip hop, this is the microphone that can handle that.

Its designed with a large 32 mm capsule condenser that is highly sensitive to vocals. It captures every detail and nuances in any kind of vocals, electric guitar cabinet, acoustic guitar and even percussion.

Its sound quality is impressive and is backed with class A circuitry & a balanced transform-less that leads to outstanding output in live applications and recording studios. Its one-inch gold spluttered diaphragm makes it to be a very sensitive microphone which can reveal subtle sonic details in your recordings. Although MXL 2006 has no on-off switch button, this feature makes it amazing as there is no clicking needed.

3. MXL 550/551R Microphone Ensemble

MXL 550/551R Microphone Ensemble is a robust vocal condenser microphone for budget mindful yet quality oriented musicians. The all in one recording ensemble delivers a high level performance for both instruments and vocals.


· Distinct design- its body is red

· Has a microphone pair for a very wide range of recording

· Has FET preamp with enables a balanced output & low noise

· Can be fine tuned for further details and clarity

· The microphone pair can be used together, one mic for instruments, the other for vocals.

· Its internally wired with mogami cable

· Accessories include mic stand adapters and plastic carrying case.

MXL 550/551 features two high quality professional microphones that are suitable for instrumental and vocal recordings. The 550 microphone is a large diaphragm mic which is great for vocal recordings as it provides tonal quality and exceptional clarity while the 551 microphone ensemble is a small diaphragm microphone that can be used to record different varieties of instruments from drums, guitars, cymbals, percussions , pianos among others. In each microphone, there is a pressure gradient condenser capsule engraved with a cardioid pattern responsible for the off-axis noise blocking. The pair of mics are also wired with the world class Mogami cables that enhance quality connections in addition to high SPL capability which allows the microphones to record from loud sources without interruption or distortion. 48V of power is required by each mic and all have a wide range frequency of 30-20Khz.

4. MXL-TEMPO-KR Condenser Microphone

Vocal mobile recording just got easier with Mxl Tempo-KR condenser Microphone. This mxl mic is lightweight ,easy to connect and portable.


· Has a 16 bit resolution and a 44.1 to 48KHz of sampling

· It’s a plug and play microphone that can be used by computers

· Its frequency response is flat and smooth.

· It comes with a Mic clip, Desktop stand and a 15ft USB cable.

· Its compatible with windows and Mac OS systems.

· Great microphone for web and video chats

· Has a high fidelity headphone jack that is built in

· Its design is of stylish finish.

MXL Tempo KR USB Microphone quickly turns any computer, or laptop into a recording studio thanks to the USB cable that allows direct connection to windows or Mac operating system. Furthermore, you can enjoy direct speech and vocal recording in music production, podcast and other communication applications such as Skype, Google talk. The in –built headphones gives you the ability to monitor your recordings. Whether you are recording a track or talking through the web, Tempo USB-KR will offer you the greatest flexibility.

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