Sony MDR7506 Headphones Review

Sony, a brand which has left a noticeable impression in the electronic industry, chiefly among musical conglomerates and music-lovers is definitely the one to look out for. Established in Japan; since the early 1950’s Sony has been successfully manufacturing electronic appliances crucial for day-to-day life. With the headphones by Sony, studio and home recordings started to look effortless. The Sony MDR-7506 Headphone is one such product credited for its robust, potent and durable characteristics.

Owned and acclaimed by quite a number of professional musicians on the planet right now, Sony MDR-7506 Headphones are compatible with each and every recording setup be it with a MIDI instrument or even without it. Effortless portability and immense enduring capability is another prominent feature of the Sony MDR-7506 due to the presence of a straight cord alongside a coiled one which can be put to use while travelling.

Here are some notable features of the Sony MDR-7506:

1) Minimal leaking of noise makes this headphone compatible with the recording sessions. If you’re using a condenser microphone to record a song, you can easily flip one of the earpieces so that you can listen to yourself and also the musicians you are recording with.

2) Television and DLSR recordings are also aided by these headphones due to their impeccable clarity.

3) A 3-mm plug is present along with the commencement of a screw-on 1/4″ adapter incorporated in professional setups.

4) Presence of a Neodymium magnet and a copper-clad aluminium voice coil triggers the persistence as well as the clarity of sound,

5) The ear-pads knitted out of fake leather also prevents any adverse effect to the human ear.

6) Impedance is maximum with 113 ohms at 64 Hertz and minimum with 76 ohms at 1 Kilohertz.

7) Frequency ranges from 10-20,000 Hertz with a 1 watt power handling capacity preventing an unaltered damage to the human ear.

8) Weighs approximately 9 ounces assisting the reliability of the commodity and making it tenacious, while being used for travelling purposes.

One of the most striking and spectacular characteristics of the Sony MDR-7506 include equally distributed frequencies for every dynamic equalizer feature. Unlike other mainstream headphones this one does not have a loud and dominating effect of bass which helps in distinguishing each and every instrument which has been introduced for the track. Bass and treble can be equalized according the user’s will. The Sony MDR-7506 will co-operate with the ones who are indebted to customize their own equalizer. Striving and passionate audiophiles will be obligated by this gear since the Sony MDR-7506 comes at the most alluring and friendly price making equalizing and post-production least expensive. Gold plated clamps and couplings prevents it from decay, deterioration and corrosion. These headphones come with a soft-case and can be folded and tucked in for effortless storage.With a friendly price-tag of around $60 this is definitely a gear that one would want to own while looking up headphones on

Advantages of using a Sony MDR-7506 headphone:

1) Sound clarity – The noise-cancellation feature is a distinct one helping the user to listen to the track which is being played through the headphones without the interference of any exterior noise.

2) Wherever superior quality of sound is a priority Sony MDR-7506 is certainly the most credible and dependable product in the market.

3) Gold plated connectors back the durability of the headphones preventing it from getting corroded.

4) Limited frequency ranges and stunted decibels do not perturb the hearing credibility of the user.

5) Most compatible with MIDI instruments such as the Yamaha NS-10.

6) Users will be able to experience crystal clear sounds due to its exemplary power conducting capacity triggered by the neodymium magnet. Exquisite quality of sound is delivered by 40 millimeter drivers and also due to a wide range of frequency response.

7) A 10 foot long coiled cord exists that can be stretched and unfolded up to a limit from where it can be accessible to the sound engineer or the musician.
While pros and cons negate, contradict and repudiate each other it is remarkable that Sony MDR-7506 certainly comes void of deception. Nothing is better than a timbre which will resonate your senses, a price which will economize your wallet and a gadget which will endure till the time you want it to sustain. Sony MDR-7506 is one such product.

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